Temporal Patterns I (summer detail)
Porcelain, decorative papers, real flowers

I employ and embrace repeating patterns in my functional and sculptural work. I think about these patterns in two ways: as ornamental, operating cross-culturally and throughout history, adding decorative beauty to our surroundings; and as time-based – seasons, daily routines, evanescent moments – which may be experienced more than they’re seen. Both are part of our everyday landscape.

My recent installations investigate the contrast between the transience of nature and the relative stability of fired ceramics, in beauty that can be both ephemeral and enduring. Working at the intersection of the natural and the constructed, I integrate real flowers with ceramic materials. These pieces, which thus incorporate actual, lived time and elements of decay, allude to memento mori and seek to create an awareness of the fleeting nature of our existence in contrast to the persistence of fired clay.